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Mad Men Season 3 and the proverbial is really starting to hit the fan. Don and Betty’s relationship takes some major twists and turns that may well be impossible to come back from. Meanwhile Sterling Cooper’s British parent company delivers some bombshell news that threatens to take the entire company under. See full synopsis below.

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Mad Men Season 3 is, in my opinion, a transition season. This is the season where we learn exactly what Matt Weiner is capable of doing with this show. That is, just when he has you were he wants you, and you don’t know how the characters can keep going as they are with this latest crisis, he suddenly changes the boundaries, so the characters in fact, do not continue as they were. It’s a sign of quality story-telling, that he trusts his audience are smart enough to adapt when circumstances change. And believe me, by the end of Season 3, circumstances have changed. For the 3rd year in a row, the show won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series and Best Writing for a Drama Series.

Again, a large part of the focus of this season is Betty and Don’s relationship. So much truth comes out in the season that we had always taken for granted Don would take to his grave. But when Betty suspicions drive her to do a little snooping around Don’s private study, she uncovers more than she ever thought she would – and finally Don is confronted to explain his actions, both past and present. He continues to deal with his stresses in the usual way, but Betty has another respectable suitor waiting in the wings. Could this be the end of the Draper family as we know it?

Meanwhile, Sterling Cooper has received some devastating news from across the pond. News which pretty much guarantees the end of the company, and unfortunately they are all under contract so there is nothing they can do about it. It’s a problem that, even for a chance of being fixed, will require some drastic actions. Desperate times, and all that.

Meanwhile, the 60s are chugging along in the background. This season passes by some cultural milestones, and we can see that we are entering the 60s that we all recognise. The old school thinking of Don and Roger is beginning to lose its dominance, and we can see the subtle effects played out through everyone’s lives. Existential questions and themes of identity, love, life and happiness resonate through this Season as strongly as ever before. Things just appear to be breaking apart slowly but surely, both personal and business relationships. If these people have any chance of making it, they are going to need to come together. Let’s hope they can.


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