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Mad Men Season 2 hit it’s stride with the confidence gained from the critical reception the season 1. This season (again) won the Emmy and Golden Globe for Outstanding / Best Drama Series. This season is set in 1962, with the Cuban Missile Crisis providing the backdrop for the end of season. See full synopsis below.

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Slightly spoilerific scene below. But not a lot. Just enough to whet your appetite.

Much of the focus in this season is on Don and Betty Draper’s relationship – when Don’s infidelities get him involved with the wife of a famous comedian, it seems he may have bitten off a little more than he can chew. Things aren’t as easy to keep on the hush-hush and you can imagine how Betty might react, should she find out about Don’s cheating ways (which you are sure she suspects already). Is he able to keep his latest dirty little secret from her? And just how far will his behaviour cause Betty to act out in her own way? She has recently joined a horse riding club, and it seems Don isn’t the only Draper out there who is turning a few heads and receiving a few indecent proposals.

Meanwhile Peggy is back at work, and she begins to turn a few heads and ruffle a few feathers with her good performances – as a copy writer that is, not a secretary. She continues to impress with her work life, that is, if she can manage to keep her private life at bay. How will the little surprise she dealt with at the end of last season impact her life? Did it even happen?

This season sees many shifts within the dynamic and structure of Sterling Cooper, with Duck Philips manoeuvring to put himself in a better position, but at who’s expense? And when Don takes himself on a little trip down South, one thinks he may not be too happy with decisions made in his absence.

This season it seems Roger and Joan have gone their separate ways, with Joan becoming engaged to young medical student Greg who seems to be a respectful and polite young man, but as we all know in the world of Mad Men, things aren’t always as they seem. Roger, meanwhile, goes through some relationship transitions of his own, which end up leading to pressures within his professional partnership.

Just who is this mysterious person Don is writing to, and exactly how will he react when he gets some life changing news from Betty on his return from the coast? All will be revealed, and much, much more in Mad Men Season 2.

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