Mad Men Season 6 Episodes

“Are you alone?”

Well Mad Men fans, its been a long wait, but we finally may get to see an answer to this question. When last we saw Don, he was sitting at the bar after having secured an acting job for Megan, but losing respect for her in the process. After a full season of behaving well, respecting his marriage and genuinely trying to grow as a man and a husband, Don finds himself back in this familiar position. Of course, the question “Are you alone?” carries much more resonance than just a pick-up line, but a step back into adultery will say a lot about Don’s attempts to be a better man, and a happier man.

Let’s see where Mad Men season 6 episodes pick up the story:

Episode 1+2 – The Doorway.

Don returns to an old hobby while Peggy becomes the ‘Don’ of CGC. Betty gets an experience of the squalor of Manhattan as she runs in to some squatters while looking for someone.

Episode 3 – Collaborators.

We learn a little more of Don’s upbringing, whilst Pete’s bumbling infidelities lead to an ultimatum from Trudy. Peggy betrays a friend’s confidence.

Episode 4 – To Have and To Hold.

Joan has a night out with an old friend, whilst Harry makes a move to increase his prominence in the company. Don arrives on set to watch Megan film her first love scene.

Episode 5 – The Flood.

Martin Luther King Jr is assassinated and riots break out in the city. Ginsberg is set up on a blind date by his father.

Episode 6 – For Immediate Release.

Pete bumps into his father-in-law in less than flattering circumstances for both of them. A advertising pitch leads to huge change for SCDP and CGC.

Episode 7 – Man with a Plan.

Don overhears Sylvia and Arnold fighting, and is prompted to play a dangerous power game. Bob helps Joan through a tough spot.

Episode 8 – The Crash.

The team at SDCP-CGC take a little boost to try and work through a weekend deadline, with bizarre consequences.

Episode 9 – The Better Half

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

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