The Revival of Mad Men Style Dresses

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Mad Men Style Dresses

Perhaps more than any other recent TV show, Mad Men has made a real impact in influencing fashion and style in its viewers and in the world of fashion at large. Where once they may have been the reserve of a few keen-eyed, alternatively styled ladies, now Mad Men style dresses are enjoying a revival in the fashion mainstream. Obviously the clothes of a show set in 60s Madison Avenue were always going to be important and look good, but its down to the work of costume designer Katherine Bryant that the style has hit such a chord with the public. It is no surprise that Bryant has been nominated for 3 Emmys in her time as Mad Men’s costume designer, and that she has been named one of the fashion industry’s most influential designers by Refinery29, and Zimbio. The attire worn by the ladies in Mad Men serves a dual purpose. Not only does it look incredible and sophisticated (and if it doesn’t it is intentional) but it reveals and tells us something about the characters. Remember season 1 when Peggy first entered the offices of Sterling – Cooper? One look at her plain, drab, shapeless clothes told us everything we needed to know about a shy, insecure girl getting a job in the big offices of Madison Avenue advertising. Jump forward a few seasons. Peggy has carved out a successful career in a man’s world, and her confidence has come on leaps and bounds. So now what is she wearing to the office? Slimmer and shorter skirts, more shapely dresses, brighter colours and bolder mod patterns. She is a strong, confident and not afraid to show everyone her individuality in a time when women were supposed to just keep quiet and look pretty. Inevitably then, Mad Men style dresses have leapt out of the screen and into the shops. Bryant has used her fame and exposure to create 60s inspired dresses for clothing lines such as Banana Republic. Fans need no longer watch Joan and Betty on screen and long to wear such dresses and command such style – they can now simply order online or visit their local store. There are Mad Men style dresses for every Joan or Betty out there. Chic and classy, retro-inspired pieces with slim lines, slick blouses and tailored separates – the look is sexy, strong, and self-assured, much like Joan herself. There are also looks to suit all the Peggys out there – mod patterned shirtdresses, Hampton-fit Gingham crops – looks that suggest individuality, drive and confidence. There are also a wide range of statement earrings and other jewellery. What is even more exciting about this boom in Mad Men style dresses and the retro-inspired revolution Mad Men is driving is that the show is still going, and still moving through the ages. It is now in the late 60s, and the counter-culture is in full swing, with style elements of this filtering into the offices of SC&P via the creatives. The 70s are just around the corner, notorious for having a very strong style, and it will be on real interest how Bryant brings these looks into the show.