Making Mad Men Ties Work For You

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In AMC’s Mad Men ties are a key part of the men’s fashion, both in and outside of work. We already know what an impact this show has had on the world of fashion, with many designers launching retro-inspired collections and tailored suits making a comeback in men’s style. Men are buying 60s inspired suits, well tailored, skinny lapels and strong V shapes – but its easy for many to overlook the importance of the tie. A well chosen tie appropriately complementing a suit can make a look, whereas a hastily chosen ill matching tie can break a look. If you, like many men out there, are trying out some new Don Draper inspired looks and adding some tailored suits to your collection, it is important that you pick up a few Mad Men ties to accompany the look.

Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right one.

  • Choose a slim tie.

It is important to match your suit with a slim tie. The suits are well fitted with straight lines and the tie should be slim or skinny to complement this.

  • Match the tie colour with the suit AND the occasion

If you are designing this look for the workplace, then you are probably safest to go with muted tones – grey, blacks and browns. Even a dark green. A dull blue will work well as a subtle splash of colour across a slate or dark grey suit. For informal occasions you can experiment a little more with the tie – try something bolder and brighter. Or alternatively if you are wearing a brighter suit (Pete Campbell blue perhaps) then you can anchor the look with a plain, dark tie.

  • Also match the texture to your suit and the occasion

For work, you are advised to stick to a plain weave. Outside of work, feel free to experiment with rep or twill fabrics.

  • Length of Tie

This is of huge importance. It doesn’t matter how well-fitted and coordinating your clothes are if you don’t know how to wear them properly! In Mad Men ties stop just above the belt-line if a man is standing up. The top of the tie just reaching the top of your trousers is as long as you will ever want your tie to be. A longer tie will look sloppy, unprofessional and has the effect of making you look gangly.

  • Tie Clip

This is optional, although can be used to great effect if used appropriately. This will likely make you stand out, so be sure that is what you want to do before you commit to a tie clip, as they are not often used in modern style. You’ll be a bit of a trend-setter. If you opt for a tie clip, choose a colour that matches your belt, watch etc. If you want to wear one at work then keep it understated and simple. Outside of work, find something that has a personal relevance to you (Check Ebay and Amazon) and enjoy it!

I hope these tips are useful to help you perfect that Mad Men look. For a refreshed in just how dapper Don and the guys look, join me as I watch Mad Men online.

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