5 Best Mad Men Suits

Ok so we have done enough talk about Man Men suits, now let us point you towards some of the best ones out there to update your wardrobe into these retro-inspired, sharp and classy clothes. Here you will find Mad Men suits for sale that will have you striding into those parties as confident as Don Draper himself (disclaimer: you’ll need to find your own Roger Sterling style wingman!).

1. Brooks Brothers Milano Plaid Deco 1818 Suit

milano plaid deco 1818 suit

We’ll begin with a Brooks Brothers suit that could almost be a tribute to Mad Men. There are few out there who understand and design well tailored, good looking suits like Brooks Brothers do, so clearly they have been watching Mad Men with a deep appreciation of the fashions within. As such it is no surprise that many in the Brooks Brothers collections offer 1960’s inspired tailoring. The Milano cut, such as this one is a classy slim fit, with narrow lapels and plain trousers.

2. Mahogany Collection Brown Glen Plaid Sportcoat with Lavender Windowpane

mahogany collection brown glen plaid sportcoat

This is a more casual little number from Hickey Freeman. Proudly handmade in the USA (as are all their clothes) this sportcoat features a classic shape with definitive shoulder expression, along with two buttons and side vents. You’ll notice there is a chest pocket there should you wish to express yourself with an adventurous pocket square, or just keep white cotton like Don. Although this sportcoat reminds me a little more of Roger than Don, who, lets face it, knows far better how to let off some steam. Sophisticated, yet relaxed, this is guaranteed to win approval and spark conversations at any social gathering.

3. Z Zegna Dark Grey Pinstripe Wool 2-Button Suit With Flat Front Pants

zegna z zegna dark grey pinstripe wool 2 button suit with flat front pants

This dark grey pinstripe suit from Zegna manages to create a contemporary look whilst nicely referencing classic Mad Men style. Like the previous suits it has two buttons and side vents, with a single chest pocket. The lapel are slightly wider than a pure 60s look, which creates a strong look across the chest. Less of a carbon copy of Mad Men, this is more like knowing nod toward the style. The thin, dark pinstripe is subtle, unassuming and classy.

4. Hart Schaffner Marx Grey Windowpane Suit

hart schaffner marx grey windowpane suit

This is a recreation of the classic American suit in a way that works with contemporary fittings. Over the last few years we have undergone a retro-inspired revolution in men’s fashhion, largely inspired by Mad Men I would bet. This suit would fit in as well on 60s Madison Avenue as it would anywhere cool today. Raised armholes, notch lapel and a shorter length gives a slimmer silhouette that will have you the finest dressed man at the party. Made in America with 100% worsted wool. This one is a personal favourite of mine.

5. GENUINE 1968 P B White Sharkskin Suit

Genuine 1968 P B White Sharkskin suit

Let me finish this list with a genuine piece of vintage clothing. This P B White sharkskin suit dates from 1968, and is still in excellent condition. Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing have been finding and selling vintage clothing since way before it was cool, and every now and again they stumble upon something a little special – like this suit. Lightweight wool with satin paisley lining, turn up in this and you will put all the pretenders to shame! But act fast as I imagine it’ll be gone soon!

So now you have no excuse to be suited and booted as you join me to Watch Mad Men Online!