5 Best Mad Men Style Dresses

Party season is upon us, and what better time to update your wardrobe – update it with some retro inspired Mad Men style dresses! It’s time for something new, chic, classy as well as smart, sexy and confident. Here we have picked our five favourite Mad Men style dresses for sale.

1. Vintage Evening Cocktail Dress

vintage dress

A very classy and sexy dress. We start our list of Mad Men Style dresses with a number we like to class as a ‘Joan’. Because who else could pull this off so well. A truly stunning dress from Aprils’ collection. You will not fail to stun party goers in this stand out dress.

2. Black & White Big Swing Dress

black white

Now whilst she might not be the best mother, Betty Draper certainly is one of the most stylish and striking dressers on the show. We think the polka dot swing dress is exactly the sort of outfit that might remind Don of exactly what he is missing. With stunning print and an elegant neckline, all you need now is to learn to Charleston!

3. Retro Wiggle Pencil Dress

wiggle dress

This is exactly the sort of outfit we can imagine Joan ruling the office with. Very sexy, snug and comfortable. It hugs you close while showing off your curves. Stylish enough to take you from dinner, to drinks, to dancefloor!

4. Black & White Go Go Girl Outfit

gogo girl

This indie retro 60s modette dress is exactly the sort of look you may be going for if you are heading to a Mad Men themed party for example. It is the perfect mix of cute and sexy – maybe enough to take you from Don’s secretary to Don’s wife! This is almost more fancy dress than proper dress – just for a bit of fun 😉

5. Rockabilly Vintage Pencil Dress

rockabilly vintage

I will finish our list of Mad Men style dresses with this stylish pencil dress – perfect for channelling your inner Joan Holloway. This dress will perfectly highlight an hourglass figure and have jaws dropping wherever you go. A cheeky navy blue nautical themed dress, it is sexy, confident and individual. All it needs is a like minded lady to fill it! Prepare to receive a lot of compliments.

6. JB by Julie Brown black and purple printed jersey knit wrap dress


This long-sleeved stretch Jersey dress from Julie Brown is a dress with perfect wiggle room. With eye catching design and bold mod colours tending towards black and purple, this can work perfectly in an office situation, yet also ideal for a night out on the town. Look out boys!

7. LM Collection peach crystal embellished flared chiffon gown


This LM Collection chiffon gown is perfect for cocktail parties – basically every girl should have at least one dress like this in their closet, for special occasions! This is a dress in the style of Trudy Campbell – asymmetric neckline with crystal-embellished straps. This dress is bubbly and sweet. Go ahead – treat yourself!

8. Sarah Hansen “Cotton Candy” Pencil Dress


Now this dress is something special. We are getting into Megan Draper territory, something that looks good enough to be on the arm of Don Draper. This is a bold and beautiful pink floral pencil dress with empire waist and maroon trim. Perfect for dances, dinner parties and weddings, take care for cameras when you wear this one out. The paparazzi will think they’ve found a celeb!

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